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1972 CJ-6 Little Rock, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

If the running gear is in good shape, it sure seems like there’s value here.

“1972 cj6 jeep $1500obo”

1972-cj6-littlerock-ca1 1972-cj6-littlerock-ca2 1972-cj6-littlerock-ca3 1972-cj6-littlerock-ca4


7 Comments on “1972 CJ-6 Little Rock, CA **SOLD**

  1. Jake Schiffelbein

    Does anyone know the person selling this? I have been trying to get ahold of them for the past two days, and haven’t gotten a single response.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Jake,

    I haven’t received any other reports on this seller. Maybe the seller went away for a few days?

    – Dave

  3. Jake Schiffelbein

    Hi Dave,
    Good to know. It just seems odd that he would list it and then not respond the same day. Either way, I hope I can get it. I really need a CJ6 body with vin and title.

  4. Jake Schiffelbein

    Thanks for letting me know Henrico. I don’t know why he won’t respond to my emails. No title sucks, but as long as it has a vin it’s not a big deal. Either way I guess he doesn’t really want it sold.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Sorry to hear it Jake … looks like it sold anyway. The ad has been deleted.

  6. Jake Schiffelbein

    Yep, just saw that as well. Hopefully I can get the next one, otherwise I will be forced to get a MD Juan.

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