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2 GPW Tubs Loma Rica, CA $1000 (for both)


Seller just wanted to save these from being destroyed.


“I rescued 2 Ford GPW tubs that were being stripped for parts down in Sacramento. I couldn’t bare to see them scrapped knowing their history. Many of these Jeeps came from nearby military installations and i would hate to see their sacrifices scrapped for parts. I know both are GPW because of the shape of the rear tool boxes. The front glove boxes are different which will tell you roughly what year range they are.

Both tubs are somewhat rough but nothing that cant be welded its just steel and these GPW’s are TINY!!!! There is no title for either of them and i haven’t been able to find any serial numbers. Happy to provide a bill of sale. I know its possible to get a hull number assigned to these as I had one on my 1951 CJ3A. I would love to see these go to someone competent who will either restore or at least let them live on as someone else’s project. $500 each $1000 for both.”



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