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The Hottest Vintage Vehicle is an Old Jeep


UPDATE: Yesterday when I looked at the article, I am pretty sure Jeep was listed #1. I just looked again and now Jeep is #2. Hmmmm ….

Thanks to Brian for sharing this. According to Forbes Magazine, the hottest collectible car or truck is the jeep [edit … 2nd hottest]. I’m not sure how Forbes measured that result. The problem is that this article is moreclick-baitish than a heavily researched analysis. (and, yes, the article starts with the phrase. $8,800 …)



3 Comments on “The Hottest Vintage Vehicle is an Old Jeep

  1. Mike

    I have a lot to say on this subject, to begin, Forbes Magazine and anything they publish is nothing more than “FLUFF STORIES.” Forbes is based in NJ and was owned by Malcolm Forbes, (Now deceased) the father of Steve Forbes the present head, (and I do mean “HEAD”) of Forbes. Malcolm owned a motorcycle dealership and had financial interests in many different business ventures. He established a strong reputation as a good business man, also a big political contributor, ran for public office in NJ. When he died, Stevo inherited the throne.
    Long story short, (too long already) Steve Forbes use the family name to gain notoriety by naming top ten millionaires In NJ list, (note I was not on the list) Top ten this, top ten that. Forbes lost much of it’s respect in the business community after Steve. Long before it was popular for millionaires to run for political office Steve even considered running for president, and after that failed, considered running for governor of New Jersey.He was not taken seriously and for good reason.

    So in summery, the drop in first to second place, doesn’t mean a thing to me, because Forbes has no credibility. Just my opinion, for what it’s worth, pennies in contrast to Steve Forbes millions.

  2. Bob

    I actually shot photos of Malcolm once in New Hampshire with his “Motorcycle gang” that flew in on a 747. And I shot photos of Steve Forbes while he was running for President. I remember it well.

    There are some people out there who think a restored Jeep is only worth $4,000, and others who think they are worth $40,000 I take it all with a grain of salt.


    GREAT — THEN I’M A MILLIONAIRE ? — I don’t think so … jeeps are rusty old utility vehicles … no value ,,,

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