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1974 CJ-5 USMC Blacksburg, VA eBay


Chris shared this unusual USMC CJ-5 with the gov plated. Neat find!

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“Vintage original 1974 Marine Corps MP Jeep CJ-5 with a clean title (third owner).
Had been stored in a barn for a while but starts, runs, and brakes. Battery is brand-new and the Firestone tires have less than 200 miles on them. Comes with handbooks, additional parts and accessories, spare tire. Has some rusty patches and dings and dents. Good project vehicle. Please examine the photos and videos carefully.”








11 Comments on “1974 CJ-5 USMC Blacksburg, VA eBay

  1. Joe in Mesa

    I think I’d want to keep this as-is… clean, maybe wax or even rubbing compound in places, but try to keep this original patina, and maintain/update any mechanicals necessary for reliable operation. NICE military jeep :-).

  2. Allan J. Knepper

    Add me to the absolutely don’t restore list……I am slowly doing exactly what Joe describes on my green 1953 CJ3B……after transfer case leak repair and master cylinder overhaul.


    ah , its not a military jeep ,, its a 1974 cj-5 with a rattle can olive drab paint job , 24v ignition ? no , machine gun ? no , rifle carrier ? no … its a cj-5 , duh .. i’m gonna paint my cj-6 green and put a star on it ..

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Since it was used by the military, it seems to me that by definition it is a military jeep. 🙂

  5. sgt carter

    ok , yer right , I see nomenclature plates at least , but wait A MINUTE ? IT HAS A TAILGATE ???


    SEEJAY SIX and sgt carter take notes and educate yourself before commenting. What David is telling you is Fact. In my long military tour I drove many civilian type vehicles purchased by military delivered straight from factory with military requested option paint or painted and equipped at base motor pool. The Navy and Air Force did this more than Army and USMC. This is a genuine, very rare Jeep. And what’s with the machine gun and riffle carrier? You got ignorant tunnel vision. Fix it!

  7. sgt carter

    uh , oh , I’ve started a jeep war ? — i’m going down to autozone right now for the KRYLON OLIVE DRAB SPRAY PAINT !! — then on to ebay for some k-rations and a n.o.s. jeep RIFFLE CARRIER !!

  8. Wavy Gravy

    p.s. — in my long hippie MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR , I helped stop the war in Vietnam , drove Nixon from office , saved the redwoods , founded the aquarian temple on haight street , partook in the SUMMER O LOVE , and owned , fixed and sold BILLION AND BILLIONS OF WILLYS OVERLAND VEHICLES !!

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