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Early Station Wagon Ad

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This youtube video for the jeep station wagon has been around for more than a decade, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it.


3 Comments on “Early Station Wagon Ad

  1. Mike

    What a great film and memory, I had so many wagons, with so many memories. From the time I was 5 years old, I nagged my dad to buy a Willys wagon. I can remember him looking at one for sale at Duffy’s Auto Mart on Main Ave. Clifton, NJ, string of light bulbs shining bright in the warm summer 1950’s night, surrounding the perimeter of the lot. After years of my pestering him, he bought one in December of 1964, a 1960 4 wheel drive. From that point forward, I have owned, 5 wagons, including the 1962 I now have. I just couldn’t live with out them, once you get the “Willys Bug”, you have it for life.


    this film misses a good feature of owning a ” willys jeep wagon or sedan delivery ” — you can sleep or **** in the back , my 51 sedan delivery has a score card scratched in the paint — like an old time gunslinger — like mike above , I have owned scores of these rolling shaggin wagons — remember the time I rode on the back bumper of a 51 4-73 station wagon in 1965 , drunk , down a forest jeep road , at high speed and was thrown off ? — the doctor said my arm was almost severed , but he saved it — YEE-HAW !!

  3. Mike

    Major Rich, great story, I’m sure there are more stories to tell, from all you guys who want to go down memory lane, lets hear them.

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