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1955 Barbed Wire Distribution Patent

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A patent for the distribution of barbed metal band from a short wheel base vehicle, preferably a jeep or jeep-like vehicle, was filed in 1955 by the Acme Steel Company.

“The purpose of the present invention is to provide novel apparatus by which barbed metal band may be formed in a continuous process and distributed as it is formed in the place and arrangement in which it is to be used. A further object of the invention is to provide apparatus for distributing barbed metal band according to a prearranged plan and supporting it in the arrangement in which it is distributed. Another object is to provide portable apparatus having means for forming barbed metal band from a supply of fiat strip ma terial and for distributing the barbed band and arranging it during the travel of the apparatus. Other objects relate to various features of construction and arrangement which will appear more fully hereinafter.”

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