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1950 Truck w/ Dump Bed Leesburg, VA **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $6500.

(02/02/2019) Will need some work. Rarely driven on roads.

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“Think of this as a farm truck. It’s not pretty, but it’s pretty functional! I’ve owned this Willys for 9 years. I had it on the road for the first couple years but didn’t drive it many places (35mph) so just used it around the property and to push snow. A couple years ago I quit pushing snow so the Willys was just sitting. It’s time to go to a new owner.

The Willys always ran really good, so I spent some time on it to get it up and running: new battery, new plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor (points are good). It started right up and sounds as good as ever. It’s been converted to 12V with alternator. The dump bed has a belt driven hydraulic pump that feeds two lift cylinders. It’s pretty beefy.

It needs more attention, minor things, but I’m not planning on spending more time on it. I’m selling it at a reduced price and the new owner can put some “sweat equity” into it. To my knowledge it does not need any major parts; just need to be gone through and serviced.

 The fuel tank needs to be flushed out. I had the tank professionally sealed when I got the truck. But because it’s been sitting for a couple years, you will want to flush it out. I have it running on an “auxiliary” tank.
 General lubrication: oil change, check the front and rear differentials, gear box, etc.
 Brakes: I noticed the master brake cylinder was leaking (again, probably from sitting). The brakes work, but you will need to rebuild/replace the master cylinder. This is the only part I know of that the truck will need.

And there’s always other little items if you want: some glass needs to be replaced, passenger door window isn’t going down (but it did), clean up some wiring, vacuum wipers don’t work, etc. I have the panel that goes in front of the steering wheel, just can’t put my fingers on it. I have a “C channel” front bumper that I will also put on it. Includes a Service Manual too, to help with all the little tasks. What more could you ask for!!
If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know. Serious inquiries only please.”


6 Comments on “1950 Truck w/ Dump Bed Leesburg, VA **Status Unknown**

  1. Ted Jordan

    Pretty cool, that’s a factory Willy’s Dump Bed assembly. Most likely Dump-O-Matic , or Garwood. You can see the factory Hydro Clutch mechanism in the 11th pic that runs the Dump

  2. John bjornstad

    Ted jordan Love the truck have surge for willys pickup for a long time !,,,, this truck seems to be the one i am locking for 😳. Is it posible to arange transport to norway or scandinavia and for what extra cost? John bjornstad🤘🏻

  3. J Evans

    The dump bed is pretty cool. It’s too bad someone cut out the small rear window and installed that bigger slider one in though…

  4. Sam

    I looked at Craigslist and it said the ad was expired. Is this truck still for sale? And how do you contact

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Sam,

    The Craigslist ad contained the only contact info. Since the ad is off of Craigslist and since I can’t find a new one, I’ve updated the post to **Status Unknown**. If I see the truck relisted on Craigslist, I’ll drop you an email.

    – Dave

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