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Rare Blue Star Half Cab Buckingham, IA eBay


Seller is looking for $80. It needs some work. Seller will consider an offer. Seller does not want to ship it. These pics are the best documented images I’ve found for this top. Here is the brochure:

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“This auction is for an aluminum hard top and door that came with a 1947 Willys CJ2A Jeep that I purchased. (The Jeep is not for sale.) The hard top is incomplete and has a few issues, but this might be handy for someone that has a similar hardtop.

Here’s the bad news. The rear plexiglass is cracked, there are a couple of small cracks in the corners of the aluminum roof panels. I have a drivers side door, but the mating hinge that should be on the roof portion is missing. I do not have a passenger door, but the hinge is on the passenger side of the roof portion. The door is set up to have some sort of window, but it is missing the window.

I’m hoping I’ll find someone out there who could take advantage of these parts. It doesn’t weigh much, but it’s just too big to ship. The buyer will need to pick this up just outside of Buckingham Iowa.”

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