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Hudson Steering Modification Pics

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Barry Ogletree has been working on another great project, this time has installed a Hudson Steering system on a Willys frame. I’ve seen several jeeps for sale with this system over the years, but I’d never seen the parts up close. According to Barry:

I have found a unique steering conversion on the chassis of the wooden bodied Willys (Woody) that is worth a look. I have tracked down that it is a Hudson Car box. The beauty is that it sits about perfect in the Willys frame rail. 3 bolts and you are done, and it tucks perfectly against the frame for exhaust/pitman arm clearance. This is the best fit that I have seen in years of this kind of work. Regards Barry Ogletree.

Barry was awesome enough to post a bunch of pics at this location:

Below are a handful of pics: hudson-steering-mod-barry01 hudson-steering-mod-barry0 hudson-steering-mod-barry2 hudson-steering-mod-barry3 hudson-steering-mod-barry4


6 Comments on “Hudson Steering Modification Pics

  1. Mark

    I know someone here in Phoenix az who ended up with his grandfathers slat grill that has a Hudson steering unit on it

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I’ve often wondered if there was a Hudson unit on a car in one of Arizona’s junk yards…. I also wonder if there was ever a Four Wheeler article about the conversion. It was one of those mods that can be seen in jeeps from Colorado to Arizona to California.

  3. Gayland Leddy

    That is SO much cleaner than a Saginaw conversion. You don’t have to modify the crossmember.

  4. Will

    What’s the advantage if it’s still push/pull steering? Just that it’s a little further up the frame to make room for exhaust on an engine swap?

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Will, the steering is supposed to be tighter and easier. However, I have never used this system myself.

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