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1942 GPW Perris, CA $3500


UPDATE: Still Available. This was not running previously, but owner says now it runs and drives.

(11/23/20180 Doesn’t run and has some CJ parts.

“1942 Ford jeep 4×4 4 cilinders standard trans. It runs and drive.”

1942-mb-perris-ca0 1942-mb-perris-ca1 1942-mb-perris-ca2



2 Comments on “1942 GPW Perris, CA $3500

  1. Mark S.

    If you have to use a hood scoop, this one looks pretty good, has a industrial jeep look. Anybody know what that scoop came off of, or maybe an aftermarket scoop.

  2. Race

    The scoop looks like from a Ford truck of the early-mid 1960’s. Perhaps an F600 or F800 which would have had the scoop mounted with the opening facing rearward.
    Pontiac super stock drag racers 1962 1963 would take these scoops from Ford trucks and mount them on the hoods of their race Catalinas and Tempests. More info than you wanted probably!

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