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1958 Brochure of 4 Wagons … Kaiser Foil Contest

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UPDATE: Mike found a much better image of the back of this brochure on Facebook. 



Original Post from Aug 2013: This is one of the stranger brochures I’ve come across. It’s part of Kaiser Foil’s 1st Annual Barbecue contest. The brochure is 28 pages. This one sold on eBay.

“Original color catalog , 7 x 6.5 , 28 pages . Covers and pages have bending at the corner , also all pages are stained and wrinkled at the corner . This brochure is filled will barbecue hints and many recipes showing various products . The rear cover shows a Jeep Station Wagon which was an award in the Kaiser Aluminum Championship . The covers of this catalog are made from aluminum .”








2 Comments on “1958 Brochure of 4 Wagons … Kaiser Foil Contest

  1. Dave Antram

    This is sort of an odd one to find. I found one some years ago, but it took me
    awhile to turn it up after I had seen one some place to alert me to its existence
    in the first place.

    Note to Dave, it was one of the “other things” buried in the fire proof file cabinets
    that you didn’t get a chance to thumb through on your stop here in good ole
    Somerset, PA! lol

  2. mmdeilers Post author


    I figured there were quite a few things I didn’t get a chance to see while there. I look forward to the next visit 🙂

    – Dave

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