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1954 CJ-3B Jamestown, OH $6800


A flat fender body on an S-10 subframe. I can’t think that  I’ve run across that combo.


“here’s a 1954 willys jeep. The body is all willys, very good condition. A subframe from an s-10 was added, 350 engine and the rear axle is s-10. Can go really fast, but not suggested. Very reliable jeep, fun to drive around. This is a 2 wheel drive vehicle, made to cruise the streets. Drives good, looks good, needs a few minor things (like directional and wipers, although I have everything for that, just haven’t hooked it up) She is fun to drive around, lots of attention when I take her out. Need to make room in the garage so I have to part with it.
serious inquiries only. If you buy it, you’ll be the only one with one like it. Truly one of a kind”


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