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Smokey Bear Postcard on eBay

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Cool postcard. Too bad the jeep isn’t more accurate. This is a tribute to artist Rudy Wendelin.

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smokey-bear-postcard1 smokey-bear-postcard2


6 Comments on “Smokey Bear Postcard on eBay

  1. Marty Tilford

    This post card shows the same jeep vehicle with Smokey and the Cubs in the same position as the music box I have from a previous post. Looks like I need to buy it so it can sit next to my music box. It will be perfect together!!!

  2. Derek

    Yes, you will see on the bottom of the music box: “from original artwork by Rudolf Wendelin.” Unfortunately the sculptor turned Smokey’s Pulaski tool into an axe.

    But why is Rudy’s Jeep not accurate? Because he based it not on a real Jeep, but on a Smokey Bear yellow toy Jeep from Hubley! See the whole story at

  3. Marty Tilford

    I just got on ebay and bought this. When I get it I’ll have to put it in a frame next to the music box!

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