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No Updates Today


The perfect spring weather here in Pasco meant Ann wanted to tackle the yard, which, being the supportive husband I am, means I too spent time in the yard. Then, when evening arrived, there was the final Games of Thrones to watch (yeah, we got hooked on that).

I’m hoping by Tuesday morning to have a post about the Willys Make Sense campaign. I’ve documented fourteen different ads used in 1950 and 1951, plus a variety of other documents that demonstrated how Willys-Overland attempted to change their branding and image both with consumers and with dealers.

Below: Ann built this manifold for distributing water for all her plants. I’m adding some finish work to the post upon which the manifold will hang.


We brought in 2+ yards of gravel. Half of the gravel has been distributed around the pond.


The other half will go along the beds next to the fence. 2019-05-18-backyard-gravel1



5 Comments on “No Updates Today

  1. Dan

    Looks incredible!

    But yes, where is the jeep that you turned into a fountain in the middle of the pond…? Water gently cascading out of the grille…

  2. Joe in Mesa

    Ann’s got skills!
    …but do you need a backflow preventer between that water distribution setup and the supply?

    And I agree with Dan: LOL!

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Bob: Water flows down from the peak of the rock. It’s not so much a fountain as a waterfall.

    Dan: She keeps threatening to turn Biscuit into a planter if I don’t get it rebuilt, but she hasn’t mentioned turning biscuit into a fountain.

    Mark: Thanks.

    Joe: The short answer is no, there’s no backflow preventer. Ann does not have the hand strength anymore to twist on and off hoses, so keeping multiple hoses attached all the time allows her to be more self-functioning. This has the same number of hose outlets we had previously, but the previous setup was rube-golberesque. This is a much cleaner setup.

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