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DJ-3A Windshield Placerville, CA $250


UPDATE: Still Available.

(01/27/2017) Not many of these around.

“Willys DJ windshield $250.00. Please no calls after 9:00pm. No e-mail or texts. ”



7 Comments on “DJ-3A Windshield Placerville, CA $250

  1. Mike

    I was 15 years old back in 1965, (Yes, another back in the old days story) when I carried a DJ3A windshield frame like this on my shoulders a good half mile walk to Arnold’s Reliable Glass Shop to have the windshield replaced. Arnie was so impressed, he offered me a part time job after school. The glass shop Co. slogan was, “GIVE US A BREAK”.

  2. Colin Peabody

    This windshield frame is for a DJ3A with the hardtop. It is wider than the standard DJ3A windshield.

  3. Mike

    Still surprised, I wish it it was closer to home, I could re-live the past. Hopelessly lost in the 60’s.

  4. Dave

    I’m not the least bit surprised it hasn’t sold. What does surprise me is that it hasn’t gone to scrap yard by now. I have one, and the rest of the top to match, that nobody wants. No market for DJ stuff.

  5. Mike

    I would want it if you were near me, you’re right though, no market for DJ parts. I always thought the DJ Dispatchers with the fiberglass panel hardtops were cool. The top design was and still is way ahead of it’s time.

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