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1948 Jeepster Springfield, MA $6200

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/15/2018) This is a former Melha Shrine Circus jeep. The seller calls it a 1947 in a video, but correctly notes it is a 1948 in the ad.

“This is a old Melha Shrine Circus jeep this is your chance to own a piece of history these jeep never come up for sale
If your look for something fun to drive and have something no one has, here it is.

1948 Jeep Overland first year of this model lot of Works been done runs great has a 1971 225 V6 motor automatic transmission watch the video on YouTube go to my YouTube channel it’s called (Al’s hot rod parts) and look for the jeep it explains the history of the Jeep.”


1948-jeepster-springfield-ma2 1948-jeepster-springfield-ma3 1948-jeepster-springfield-ma4


6 Comments on “1948 Jeepster Springfield, MA $6200

  1. David Eilers Post author

    If it runs and drives perfectly and the body is not rusted through anywhere, then the price might be fine. Photos rarely do these vehicles justice; they need to be seen in person most times in my opinion.

    That said, I don’t see anyone rushing to buy it at its current price, so that says something about the price.

  2. Arthur Balzotti

    Agree on all fronts. It’s in good shape. Living on the east coast, it’s so hard to find something close to me that’s not basically Swiss cheese.


    48 – 51 jeepsters were the shriners staff cars – since I have 4 of them , I should get a FEZ ?


    I’ve seen a lot of jeepsters built like this , my old buddy had a 48 heepster with a 283 chebbie , cast iron powerglide , ford rear end , went like HELL !! took it on a backpacking trip to the trinity alps once in the 70’s , drunk and stoned out of our minds , rain leaking through the side curtains , 100 mph , then off road to a trailhead , no seat belts , bigfoots lurking in the woods , it eventually lost a front wheel , transverse front leaf spring cracked in half from the weight , oh well …

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