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Bernd and His CJ-5 Are Back to Work

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It’s springtime in Austria. Bernd and his CJ-5 are back to work.


“My jeep helped prepare for a classic vehicle get-together (see links below). Today, I moved a narrow gauge railroad switch for the event. On my way, the traffic police pulled me and the jeep aside. Fortunately, they found nothing amiss, so I left without a ticket.”

See some links about the yearly event:


One comment on “Bernd and His CJ-5 Are Back to Work

  1. Mike

    Austria, Now that in it self is interesting, How did this CJ5 get to Europe? Looks to be a 70’s era model with the large parking lights and based on the paint color. I like the soft top, has an old style look to it, custom made? Inquiring minds want to know.

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