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1972 Article on the PNW4WDA and the Boys Scouts

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This April of 1972 article in Boy’s Life Magazine tells the story of the Boys Scouts work project on the Naches Trail in the Cascade Mountains just north of Mt. Rainier in conjunction with the Pacific Northwest Four-Wheel-Drive Association. I was not there (that I remember), but our club, the Wandering Willys, including my father, was there to help ferry the Boy Scouts to the Naches Trail.

You can read the article online here

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One comment on “1972 Article on the PNW4WDA and the Boys Scouts

  1. Mom

    I was going to read it later in the day, but made the “mistake” of reading a few words. It hooked me and read the article. Most interesting and I do remember your dad going, David. The history behind the trail seems unbelievable, but I am sure there are many many stories of our brave pioneers going thru hardships to settle our vast wonderful country.

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