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Cool Willys/Kasier/Jeep Magnets

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Over the past couple years I’ve been the beneficiary of some custom magnets created by Maury. I figured it was about time I shared them. I keep them on both sides of a metal bookshelf, but moved them to one side for the photo. Many thanks Maury!



4 Comments on “Cool Willys/Kasier/Jeep Magnets

  1. Bob in nc

    Good morning.
    I can see every one of these on a nice t-shirt!. I like the j shaped design in particular and was thinking about that before.
    Can you get some hi ris for Cincinnati when you get a chance please. We’ll get this first jeep one done first.

    What about these magnets? Is he selling them?

  2. Chris Rutherford

    Yes x 2 on the selling thing. I could use some of these on my projects and would keep Maury in the green for a while.

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