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Philippos Jeep Models

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A French reader and modeler named Frederic turned me onto a Greek modeler named Philippos Ioannou who has created a number of beautiful jeep models based on historic photos (he builds non-jeep models, too). You can see many of his models on Facebook or on his blog.

Here are a few of his works.

  1. Walliy Cohn “Jeep King” jeep-sedan:
    wall-cohn-jeep-model-philippos wally_cohn_jeep_king2
  2. Target Practice Jeep:
    target-practice-mb-philippos target-practice-mb-philippos-photo
  3. Welding Truck:cj2a-truck-philippos cj2a-truck-welding-philippos-photo
  4. Note the original photo at the base of the model:
  5. Looks like an efficient jeep/trailer set up.

  6. I didn’t see an original photo for this model, but still it’s a neat one:

One comment on “Philippos Jeep Models

  1. Mike

    Very detailed works of art, yet no details of what material used to make the models, Metal, Plastic ? So much of this interesting story is missed in not stating background information.
    Back in the early 1960’s as a teen, my uncle Joe would bring me offset tin (Aluminium) lithograph printing plates, and I would cut and shape them into model cars and trucks. I still remember a Willys wagon I made, and my Uncle Joe showing it off at Sunday dinner to my Grand dad.

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