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1973 CJ-5 Super Jeep Putnam Valley, NY eBay


UPDATE: Price back down to $45,500.

The buy-it-now price is $45,000.

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“Meet Daisy! A fantastic and rare 1973 Super Jeep.

Only produced for a couple months in 1973, the Super Jeep was an appearance package created due to a lack of a supply of aluminum wheels needed to produce the Renegade models. The Super Jeep is highly recognizable by it’s outrageous Peter Max – like decal package, white steel wheels, curved chrome front bumper, two tone interior and upholstered white padded dash.

Only 300 Super Jeeps were produced, with only a few handfuls surviving today. The majority of the 300 Super Jeeps produced were made in White or Blue with a few others in more rare colors like this one in Daisy Yellow.

Built originally in April of 1973, today this Super Jeep has been treated to a body off frame restoration. Rebuilt nut and bolt, this Jeep retains it’s original body. Originally a Utah vehicle, this Jeep was never subject to the elements and salt of Northeast roads. A correct New Old Stock white vinyl soft top was sourced as was the correct interior upholstery of cinnamon and white. The Jeep starts, runs and drives beautifully with it’s zippy 258 cubic inch straight six.

This Super Jeep was the 2nd of a two Super Jeep collection. The first one was the star of the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas and is now currently on display at the Peterson museum in Los Angeles.”


7 Comments on “1973 CJ-5 Super Jeep Putnam Valley, NY eBay

  1. Mike

    Am I reading this correctly, one million dollars? Nice Jeep, but as we say in New Jersey, “is this guy serious or delirious.” He may be just brain dead, or he is a personal friend of Steve Forbes.

  2. Mark C

    Honey get rid of the weird looking jeep. I’ll do it dear as soon as I get time. No put it up an EBay right now, I what it out of the yard all of the neighbors are laughing at us. Ok, OK, I’ll list it give me a break.

    Lists it for 1,000,000 so it will always stay it the yard and get’s the wife off his back.

    Or he’s just plain greedy.

    BTW, where’s the spare tire? For 45 K or 1 M it should have a correct spare and holder.


    heres a real super jeep story — dateline 1973 ? , I was driving a 63 buick skylark , 215 aluminum v-8 , auto , on clam beach , Humboldt county , calif , it was a beach like Daytona beach , you could drive cars on it if you were carefull , well , I wasn’t watching the tide tables and running 2 setters down the beach , I stopped by the mouth of the mad river to let the dogs catch up , and a sneaker wave came in under the wheels , 63 buicks do not have 4wd , so when I took off it sank into the sand , hahaha , wasn’t even my car , I borrowed it , well the tide came in and the buick literally floated out to sea , true story , so stupid , but then a new super jeep with all the stripes and a warn winch came down the beach and saved me , I walked the winch cable out to the schooner , excuse me , buick and we pulled it in , then I towed it back to pavement , there was salt water , sand , sea creatures in the buick , I towed it back to mckinleyville and I tried to clean it up , no , it was red tagged , salt water , sand in everything , so I gave my buddy , the owner , enough Nepalese combustibles to pay for it , and I sold it to a wrecking yard , but then a year later I got a traffic ticket in the mail from Hollywood , calif , hahahah , somebody got it running and left it on the street there ? … end of super jeep story

  4. David

    The correct top for that would have been a Whitco top. The one shown is not one of them.

    Also, something mostly overlooked when doing the off-frame restoration–the underside of the body is not painted the color of the top. I had a new “72 CJ5. The underside was painted a color similar to grey primer. It held up well. The ’74 Renegade was the same.

    Where is the decal on the inside of the glove box door?

    The upper radiator hose may be a correct replacement, but it is not the same as the original one.

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