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CJ-5 VIN Sticker Reproductions $50

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Bear Creek has now stopped producing reproduction Jeep VIN stickers for jeeps 1969-1975. To fill that gap, Maury has developed templates and a printing process capable of reproducing them. If you’d have questions or would like to order a VIN sticker, you can contact Maury through early CJ-5 site or contact him directly at snoopy2x @ (there are spaces around the @ to reduce spamming).

You can learn more about what he’s doing and how the pricing works here:

Here’s an example of a new sticker (on the left) overlaid with the original sticker (on the right).


Here’s another example of an old sticker (top) and a new sticker (bottom). cj5-vin-stickers-reproductions


13 Comments on “CJ-5 VIN Sticker Reproductions $50

  1. Maury Hurt

    Thanks for the post, Dave! As usual, you were overly complimentary….while I did develop the artwork templates for these stickers, I merely located a printing firm that’s capable of producing the stickers to the desired level of detail and quality.

    As noted in the ECJ5 post linked to above, I can provide the customized artwork for the 1969-1975 VIN stickers for $15. Upon the owner’s approval of the draft artwork, I’ll get them in touch with the printer, and they can arrange payment for printing and shipping of the stickers (about $35) directly.


  2. Maury

    Bruce, please email me at for more info. FYI, the total cost of the printed decal, including the artwork, has risen by $10 during the two years since this post was made. The current total price as of 6/21 is $60.00. Thanks, and hope to hear from you. – Maury


    DATE SEPT 1975 GVWR 3750
    GAWR 2200 REAR 2700
    VIN NUMBER J6F83AHO15194

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