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‘Jeep’ Badge T-Shirts

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Tom wanted to have some t-shirts made with the design below on it. He’s wondering if anyone else would like some as well?

The price is $20 per shirt plus USPS priority shipping of $7.35 (shipping is the same for one or two shirts $27.35 or $47.35 for two shirts). If you are interested, you can either comment below or email Tom at Lsi24 @ (remove the spaces around the @). He expects to have about 40 available for sale.

The t-shirts would be a white Hanes Beefy shirt that is 100% cotton with a pocket. The vintage logos are based on the 1950 ‘jeep badge’ logo seen in a few ads. He’s only making a few and doesn’t plan on selling them anywhere else. The below are mock ups, so they aren’t quite exactly what you’ll get.



9 Comments on “‘Jeep’ Badge T-Shirts

  1. Mike W

    I would buy 3 but would prefer black. White shirts don’t last long around my house…. But i would still buy them if white is the only option.

  2. Tom

    Co. in Cincinnati making the shirts said for black he would have to add a color. White. Right now it’s just red color. And unless we got 50 colored shirts, minimum price would be almost 30 a shirt. Cost.

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