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Pics from Willys Jeep Rally at Hueston Woods State Park in Ohio


Roger Martin snapped these photos yesterday at the Willys Jeep Rally at Hueston Wood State Park in Ohio. These first pics show Roger’s CJ-2A. His 1947 CJ2A was painted in 1967 and has stayed good all these years. He made the bikini top a few years ago out of a 1951 roll of canvas from the Korean War.

willys-rally-hueston-woods36 willys-rally-hueston-woods35

Pics from the event:
willys-rally-hueston-woods34 willys-rally-hueston-woods32 willys-rally-hueston-woods31 willys-rally-hueston-woods29

willys-rally-hueston-woods28 willys-rally-hueston-woods27 willys-rally-hueston-woods26 willys-rally-hueston-woods25 willys-rally-hueston-woods24 willys-rally-hueston-woods22 willys-rally-hueston-woods21 willys-rally-hueston-woods20 willys-rally-hueston-woods19 18willys-rally-hueston-woods willys-rally-hueston-woods17 willys-rally-hueston-woods16 willys-rally-hueston-woods15 willys-rally-hueston-woods13 12willys-rally-hueston-woods willys-rally-hueston-woods11 willys-rally-hueston-woods10 willys-rally-hueston-woods9 willys-rally-hueston-woods8 willys-rally-hueston-woods6 willys-rally-hueston-woods5 willys-rally-hueston-woods4


9 Comments on “Pics from Willys Jeep Rally at Hueston Woods State Park in Ohio

  1. Ted jordan

    Love the little welder Jeep!!! The guy who puts show on usually has a really cool 3B there with a Stratton lift and all kinds of cool stuff hanging off of front and back of Jeep

  2. Ted Jordan

    Yup that’s the one Dave, John Ittels?(sorry if I’ve spelled the name wrong) it’s got the rear Stratton and the super rare front Koenig R100J crank shaft driven power reversible Winch. He’s usually got a front boom setup hoisting a big log he cuts with pto driven hydraulic chainsaw. Wicked cool for sure!

  3. Tom

    John, glad you got the welder working good. Miss having her in my stable but has found a good home.

  4. Barry

    The demonstration put on at John’s farm is I believe the finest collection of working Jeeps – farm and industrial – that you will ever see. It makes the Willys Jeep Rally show a must for any Jeep fan. The show that took place at the state park next door to the John’s farm was also outstanding. A great collection of Jeeps in all conditions. We had our Farm Jeep display there and had an almost non-stop stream of visitors asking questions and sharing stories. Put it on your calendar for next year.


  5. Chuck

    @Bob in nc;
    Second pic from the top is a Cj3b in the background, upper right hand corner.

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