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A Few Pics from Charles

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Charles is currently vacationing along the Belgian coast. During his trip he spotted these photos on the window of a shop. He noted that “the advertisment NESCAFE on the jeep is belgian coffee – first one liberation of Belgium.”





2 Comments on “A Few Pics from Charles

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Do those kids’ jeeps say “ARIZONA”? “ARIZOHA”? (Hood of 1st pic, Grill of 3rd pic)
    Hmmm: I wonder what that means, esp. on photos in Belgium.
    Cool Pics.

  2. charles

    dear joe – perhaps a mistake in writing ? the sign on the left above is of the fire department photo’s were taken on the belgian coast years 50-60 ? also today we see kids with newer toy jeeps on the beach walk -best greetz

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