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Combat Rim Citrus Heights, CA $100

• CATEGORIES: Tires and Rims

Seems like a good price.

“Willys Jeep Tim and tire $100”



3 Comments on “Combat Rim Citrus Heights, CA $100

  1. Mike

    What is the difference between a combat rim and a standard rim, is the combat rim two piece? I remember my dad bought a used rim for his 3A back in 1962 and returned it because it was a combat rim. He would change tires on the rim manually in the backyard with a long crowbar, and I seem to remember being a combat rim making it difficult to change tires.

  2. Doug in Ohio

    Mike,WW2 combat rims for jeeps are two halves bolted together.If you look at this rim for sale you can see the heads of the bolts.this was designed to be easier to change a tire in the field without the need for tire irons and spoons.Originals like this one usually sell quick.this one is a decent price.Reproductions are available.

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