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Dualmatic Selective Drive Brochure

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I’m way behind on my document scans. I thought I’d catch up today, but between our search for a new bed (Ann’s back is giving her issues) and the fact that Ann accidentally left the plastic bbq brush (why???) in the bbq, which melted into an ugly mess when I turned on the bbq, forcing me to clean the whole thing, all meant that I didn’t have time once again for scans.

Anyhow, here’s the promised Dualmatic brochure. The brochure is directly and has some stains, so they aren’t the best scans. But, they’ll do for now.

dualmatic-hub-brochure-lores1 dualmatic-hub-brochure-lores2 dualmatic-hub-brochure-lores3 dualmatic-hub-brochure-lores4


3 Comments on “Dualmatic Selective Drive Brochure

  1. Mike

    I had them on my 1967 Commando when it was new. I wanted Warn hubs, but the parts guy (Matty) at Mide Motors in Garfield, NJ talked me into the basic model Duelmatic hubs. $45.00 at the time, a lot of money to me, being that my entire monthly loan payment for the Commando was $86.92, but still less money then the Warn hubs.
    Over the course of time, I learned buying the Duelmatic as opposed to the Warn hubs was not what I expected. Those 2 bars on each hub that flipped out and manually turned, bent over time, and became impossible to fit back into the grooves.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Mike: I hadn’t heard that those levers would bend. Good to know. I hazily remember these on Dad’s jeep, but I never asked him about his experience with them.

  3. Steve E.

    These were on my first Willys, and some others. I still like them because I’ve been using them since I was a teenager. I pick them up when unwanted. The only issue I had was operator error. I over-tightened the six bolts and cracked the outer piece. Then I had to loosen the six bolts to lock the hubs. If the hubs are binding, then the levers could bend or broken if forced, but I’ve never heard of them bending after flipping out unless it hit a rock. (You should never have to force a locking hub of any type.) The Dualmatics would only flip out if the locking spring is stuck. Now that I think of it, I’ve seen some levers broken off. Flipping out and hitting something might be the reason.

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