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Carroll Shelby Video

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Ann’s cousin’s name is Shelby, named for Carroll Shelby. Apparently, they are distant cousins. Yesterday, Shelby (the cousin) made a reference to a new movie trailer, Ford Vs. Ferrari, on Facebook. So, I checked out the trailer ….

I was never a big car guy and never knew much about Shelby (neither the cars nor the designer), but after watching the trailer, I thought the movie could be a good one.

At the trailer’s end, youtube automatically flipped to another video. It just happened to be a video of Carroll Shelby in his own words. It it he very succinctly explains his life, including the period captured by the movie when he was asked to build turn a “mom’s car” into a sports car. It’s twenty-two minutes, but worth a view in my opinion.


3 Comments on “Carroll Shelby Video

  1. Allan J. Knepper

    Very cool stuff. Carroll Shelby is the real deal. I have followed road racing/sports car racing since the late 1950’s. Shelby was a true pioneer……and a guy with a reputation of telling it like it is.

  2. Allan J. Knepper

    Very cool . I have followed sports car and road racing since the late 1950’s. Carroll Shelby is a true pioneer……the real deal… his early “bib overall” period…….and he tells it like it is.

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