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Ted’s Handy Yard & Boom Jeep

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Ted shared a couple pics of his CJ-2A with a boom/rear winch assembly.

“Did a major yard cleanup — scrap iron haul after a dreary wet flooded basement winter here. The freezer is a 1948 IH that I hauled out of my basement with the boom and rear winch setup. Worked well except the damn freezer weighed a lot and had the front of the Jeep teetering a bit once out in yard on uneven ground. Gonna have to put a little counter weight out front next time!! Works great and is a big help around the yard picking stuff up pulling motors, and body’s etc. That 46 is my wheeler/yard Jeep with four speed, original flat head, overdrive, rear pto winch and old school warn front winch. Crawl ratio with the 5:38s and four speed is about 95 to one; Painfully slow on road but off road it’s unstoppable.”

2019-06-02-ted-yard-cleanup-boom-31 2019-06-02-ted-yard-cleanup-boom-32 2019-06-02-ted-yard-cleanup-boom-3


5 Comments on “Ted’s Handy Yard & Boom Jeep

  1. Will

    Cool setup, I’ve been thinking of doing something similar that attaches to the drawbar. It looks like yours attaches to the rear crossmember?

  2. Mike

    Neat, I once saw a old CJ2A rigged up in a similar way back in NJ at a service station, used to tow cars.

  3. Ted Jordan

    Hey Will, your correct. The Winch Cradle I have is a factory Ramsey winch setup. It bolts to rear cross member then is braced down to the draw bar. The boom is homemade and kinda close to what the factory setup had. Koenig also had a cool rear Winch setup with boom that was pretty close to Ramsey’s but had a neat outrigger setup on either side of cradle

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