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Year? CJ-2A Vail, AZ Make Offer


Here’s an odd one..

year-custom-flattie-vail0 year-custom-flattie-vail1 year-custom-flattie-vail2 year-custom-flattie-vail3 year-custom-flattie-vail4

“One of those super projects I never got to. Moving out of country and getting rid of all worldly possessions. Help finance my journey to enlightenment. Complete jeep but rear half body modified. Drivetrain complete, chassis has rust and 4 cylinder engine turns free two years ago. It is a valuable resource for parts when restoring another similar jeep. Take time and part out part out making $$$. Lost interest when I realized it would be half the value when done because not stock. Make me an offer I can’t refuse. Hint: north of $500. Paid $1500 to transport from NY. Contact for additional info”



2 Comments on “Year? CJ-2A Vail, AZ Make Offer

  1. Luis in South Texas

    This jeep as odd as it looks if fixed with a front winch and electro hydraulic lifting system for a modified bed would be very handy around a farm or ranch. We had one similar but with the rear removed and a wooden flat bed with 1’ stake boards, although it didn’t lift and dump. Not for everyone but very practical for us anyway.🙂

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