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Chevrolet Tailgate Table Pasco, WA $300

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This is on our local craigslist. Nothing jeep about it, but I thought it worth sharing. That tailgate is pretty much enshrined in the table. Perhaps Chevy folks like that sort of thing??

chev-table2 chevy-tailgate-coffee-table3 chevy-tailgate-coffee-table

“Rustic man-cave style coffee table made from a Chevy tailgate. Lots of cool features. Would look good at home or business. Makes a great gift for the Chevy lover in your life. Smoked glass top. One of the pictures shows it with out the glass.”


3 Comments on “Chevrolet Tailgate Table Pasco, WA $300

  1. Mike

    Can’t find these anymore, have one on my 1973 Chevy step side. They don’t even make step sides anymore, bummer. The Chevy step side box was always a favorite swap for the Willys pick up. A guy up the street from me, Back in Good old Jersey, had a step side box with a dump on his 54 pickup. I believe he bought it from, (my friend & yours) good old Morris Golden, the Willys dealer in Passaic, NJ. Morris was always looking to make a quick buck with the jalopies he had on his lot, so one day when he took in this Willys truck with a beat up dump box, he remembered that rusty old Chevy step side he took in trade 5 years ago. Switched out the box, some bondo and a DuPont Dulux metallic paint job, and WA LA, money in his pocket. Gotta hand it to Morris, he was a “HANDS ON DEALER”.

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