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1960 Jeep Family Cartoon Brochure w/ Woman

UPDATE: Anyone have an original of this brochure? I’ve got someone who would like a scan of the page showing the woman. The pics below were part of an eBay auction and subsequent post from 2013 (I bid, but didn’t win the brochure).

“original part color catalog , 5.5 x 8 , 16 pages , interesting cartoon type catalog which concerns the word “Jeep” and its use as a registered trademark . Apparently the word “Jeep” was being commonly used generically to describe a Jeep type vehicle and the company thought it important enough to protect their property rights and trademark to produced this interesting catalog . It also lists countries around the world where “Jeep” has been registered .”










3 Comments on “1960 Jeep Family Cartoon Brochure w/ Woman

  1. David Eilers

    This was on eBay. I wasn’t as interested in it at the time, so I didn’t put in a very large bid. It was not a very ‘jeepy’ ad, but now that I have most of the other brochures from that era, I’d have to say that it’s of more interest.

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