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1953 CJ-3B Las Vegas, NV **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $6000.

(02/20/2019) This has a cutdown hood like the project 5607 prototype (see bottom of page).

“1953 willy’s locked up front and rear new carpet. 35’tires Buick v6 runs great. Winch ,harness belts will climb anything.”



14 Comments on “1953 CJ-3B Las Vegas, NV **Status Unknown**

  1. SteveK

    FYI… The link only shows the one pic as this one for me. I really like that hood, and I would love to see it from the front on how it mates to the grill.

  2. Chuck

    I’m looking in your archives for this Jeep. You say it was on Craigslist in 2009 but I don’t see it. Is it still there?

  3. David Eilers Post author


    It was last listed in February of this year. I’m pretty sure it was listed before that, too.

    If you look on the CJ-3B page on this link within the text shown below you will find Derek mentioned it was for sale back in 2009 (I do not have it in my archives that early … sorry if I confused you):

    Derek wrote: A similar hood was used on the Lycoming JB-1 Aircraft Starter. A Jeep seen for sale on the web (40K JPEG) in 2009 was also a similar conversion.

  4. Chuck

    Thanks Dave,
    I read that page you linked to THROUGHLY.
    I called and talked to the owner this morning. I asked him specifically about the hood. He only knows as far back as two owners and it always had the hood it has. I asked if it was fiberglass or a cut down CJ3B hood. He said it looks factory to Him because the bottom inside edges of the hood are nicely rolled. Maybe this is s real prototype from 1953!!! Well….since it has swinging pedals, disc brakes on all four corners, two fuel tanks, power steering, Dauntless 225 odd fire, and get this; he swears it has Ford 9″ axles front and back….this I gotta see! Says he body has zero rust and is throwing in a 16′ tandem axle diamond plate trailer. I can’t help but go look – six hour drive! – sheesh.
    Dave you’re a bad influence! Hahaha.

    Btw, remember that fiberglass bobcat hood? Do you REALLY want it? All be passing through that area. Let me know and I’ll snag it for you.

  5. David Eilers Post author


    It’s not altogether impossible that this 3B is some original prototype, given we know of one other. Hard to believe someone would make a change as some kind of customization (though surely we’ve seen them all, lol). To me it looks like a nicely built rig.

    Yeah, I would like the hood. That would be great! If you’d like, I can mail or PayPal you some money. email me at to let me know.

  6. Chuck

    Here’s the skinny on this Jeep; At first I thought someone cut down a CJ3B hood. Now that I look closer I think it’s a real 1953 prototype. Because who ever built it was a terrible welder and the flange on the bottom edges of the hood are factory type spot welds in the center of the material rather than ugly welds at the edges. So far that’s all I have to go on.

    List of components: (the good stuff)
    Shortened 9″ front axle – w/possible locker and 5:13’s?
    Front Warn locking hubs
    Early Currie high pinion 9″ rear axle – w/possible locker.
    Looks like 1 ton disc brakes front and rear.
    Brake line locker
    Dana 300 transfer case
    T18 four speed w/granny low transmission
    Dauntless 225 odd fire V6 w/Holley 4 barrel on factory looking intake manifold , (no HEI)
    Factory exhaust manifolds and a truly new beautiful exhaust system; crossover into single exhaust.
    Tilt GM tilt wheel with power steering.
    Swinging pedals
    Brake booster
    Hydraulic Line Lock
    External hydraulic clutch
    Full Cage roll bar
    Two gas tanks
    Swinging tire bumper mount carrier
    Rear receiver hitch.
    Electric wipers
    Rock lights
    Cepeck off road lights
    Newer springs and shackles

    (The bad stuff)
    Seats sit to high; looking right at top of window frame and head can hit the toll bar.
    Body has lots of patches and bondo (although no rust)
    Some of the upgraded components are wore out or possibly broke
    Very bad looking welds
    Carburetor needs replaced, doesn’t fit manifold.
    Dana 300 pops out of 4 low
    Grinding noise coming from rear drive train
    35×13.50 on 10″x15″ are to big, no flex, feels tippy/top heavy & large turning radius
    Rear locker doesn’t seem to be working.

    One odd thing about this Jeep is who ever built it painted the entire frame, roll bar and misc parts;”blue” (now covered with black paint). The engine, bell housing, transmission and transfer case was painted chevy red. Perhaps sometime the builder will see this comment and share the story on this Jeep! All in all it is a very unique good looking Jeep. I would like to somehow prove it is indeed a 1953 CJ3B prototype.

  7. Chuck

    Forgot to add: the Jeep came from the current owner who bought it from a guy who didn’t want it becuse he only took it in trade for money owed.

  8. David Eilers Post author

    Great info Chuck. It’s possible that Derek Redmond of the 3B page could be some assistance in helping you understand this rig better. But, at the moment, he’s on an Australian adventure. I’ll write him and get you two connected.

    – Dave

  9. Chuck

    That would be great, no hurry though I can wait for him to get back. When I get a chance I’m going to look for any numbers. There is no id plate on the passenger fire wall.

    Been thinking about the colors on this Jeep:
    Engine to transfer case: red
    The Body is: white
    Frame and roll bar: blue

    Im wondering if some one was going for a Red,White and Blue patriotic color scheme and it looked better when new or looked better in their head than in reality.

  10. Chuck

    Bob, I’ll look and see if it’s in Dave’s archives. I am curious how many prototypes were made? It’s amazing Dave has actual pics and an article otherwise no one would know anything about these Jeeps. Thanks for the heads up.

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