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Parts Collection Apex, NC Make Offer


UPDATE: Some parts sold. Some parts available.

Kimberly is hoping to sell her father’s parts. She has sold quite a few, but still has parts available.


parts-apex-nc0 parts-apex-nc1 parts-apex-nc2 parts-apex-nc3

“Original Authentic Willys Parts Collection That Belonged To My Daddy Who Passed Away At Thanksgiving.

Mostly CJ, M38 & M151 Parts. Located in Apex, North Carolina.


Asking Price is 25,000.00. This Price Is Due To Many Months Of Research & Speaking With Willys Enthusiasts’ In General. Serious Inquiries Only.

I Pray That Someone Will LOVE This Amazing Collection That He Treasured Dearly And Took Many Years To Establish. There Are Many More Items Than What’s Pictured.

We Rented A 15 Foot U-Haul To Get The Parts To Our Home (2ND PIC). Thanks For Looking!!!

PLEASE NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS–My Heart Can’t Take It–I Am Doing The Best I Can With His Estate And Trying To Do As He Asked From Me…….”


13 Comments on “Parts Collection Apex, NC Make Offer

  1. Scotty

    Due to my extensive research spending many months ignoring the advice of known experts who wanted to help

  2. Bob in nc

    25 down to 20
    20 down to 15
    15 down to 10
    10 down to 5
    Maybe sold at 5
    It will go from her garage to someone else’s garage. And them parts can start to be advertised and listed for sale. Will take years and years and years to sell.

  3. Mike

    About 15 years ago, I dealt with a similar situation, a daughter of a deceased dad who at one time owned an old line Willys Jeep dealership. She did have a hand written inventory sheet, not everything, but a start. It really didn’t matter one way or the other, because the prices of the stock were not realistic. Unfortunately, in situations like this, value is placed on the memory of the deceased, rather than the actual value of available parts. I was lucky to break even on the parts I bought from her.

    In today’s market, so many reproduction parts available at reasonable prices, decreases the value of used parts. My Sympathy & condolences.

  4. Dan B.

    Yeah, I watched this conversation on FB with interest. Terrible to lose a parent, but IMO the number of buyers willing to pay the asking price is quite small. For her sake, hopefully I’m wrong.

    It does remind me a bit of the market pre-WWII mass-produced cars like the Ford Model A. As the owners move on (either to a home or pass), their heirs know little other than “mom/dad’s classic car is right there in the garage under all the boxes. Sure it hasn’t run in decades, but it must be worth a ton.” Alas (and I love Model aaa), it’s not.

  5. Joe in VA

    I buy and sell industrial product. I buy it for anywhere between 4 cents on the dollar to 10 cents on the dollar. All good new stuff. Just obsolete.

    The way for her to get that kind of money is to identify each item and then sell separately. Either she has to take the time to do that or to sell to someone who will put the time into it. And whomever that is will not want to spend time and work for free.

  6. Bob

    I agree with everyone above. Unless there are some rare parts involved, and lots of them, this is not way going to see for that kind of money.

  7. Mike

    I value old Jeep parts just as much as all of us do, just no market for them at this price. As I look into my Irish Crystal ball, I see the scrap man ringing her doorbell. ( being realistic not insensitive)

  8. Michael

    Are the seat cushions available plus the window frame? I am starting Jeep project and need these parts

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