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Johnstown Four Wheel Drive Plate eBay

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Maybe this bit of nostalgia will appeal to someone?

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6 Comments on “Johnstown Four Wheel Drive Plate eBay

  1. Bob in nc

    I was in Johnstown for a week after the second flood. Spent a week loading a Ryder truck with muddy jeans from LA Surplus store downtown. Water was about 6′ high at height of flood. Everything was brought to a company that did pre washed jeans. They had hundreds or washing machines. washed all the flood damaged clothing and collected insurance and sold the washed clothes at a discount when the store opened back up.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Sounds like the flood was a financial positive, though likely a pain in the butt.

  3. Bob in nc

    Nasty cleaning up after a flood. Smelly gooey mud everywhere.

    Owner of LA surplus was a genius. His friend had the washing machines and washed everything cheap. I was flown in to help

  4. David Eilers Post author

    I don’t think it’s worth much more than $10, especially given there’s no vehicle printed on it.

  5. Dave

    I have a cast plate from the local club that I was part of many years ago. This item has me thinking of starting to collect these from nearby clubs, of which this would be one. However, I agree that the buy it now price seems high considering the lack of a jeep or any 4×4 on it.

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