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Bryce’s 1953 Truck

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Last winter I was standing in my driveway when a guy I didn’t recognize pulled up and asked if I was the guy who ran eWillys. My mind jumped to three things, was he a reader? Was he a stalker? Or was he someone angry at something posted? Before I was done thinking it through, my mouth was answering, “Yep, that’s me!”

Fortunately, he was a reader. His name was Bryce and it turned out he lived just a few houses down and owned a 1953 truck. I told him I’d like to see his truck sometime. Yesterday, ‘sometime’ finally arrived.

Bryce has owned this truck since the early 2000s after his mother spotted it for him. Recently, it’s needed some restoration, especially in the cab area. He’s redone the upholstery and switched the non-stock bench seat for more comfy bucket seats. He’s got a few things to finish up before it’s road ready again, but when that time comes, he said he’d come by and show it off. So more pics to come!



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