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Stretched CJ-5 Tub West Jefferson, OH $250


Roger Martin spotted this body. It seems worth the price, especially for some kind of custom project. It looks like it has the earliest 0-10 King Seeley speedo, too.

“1955 CJ tub that has been stretched. What you see is what you get.”

stretched-cj5-tub1 stretched-cj5-tub2 stretched-cj5-tub3


2 Comments on “Stretched CJ-5 Tub West Jefferson, OH $250

  1. Mike

    It’s a project at a good price but definitely not a “one-off”. That’s reserved for the rarest vehicles and people who really appreciate them.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I didn’t mean anything negative by my comment above. I only meant that it would be good for a custom project (hence the use one-off .. perhaps this has a connotation I didn’t intend?), so in case someone else was looking to stretch a body, this might be a good alternative than stretching it themselves.

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