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1970? CJ-6 Madera, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1600.

The seller included a pic of the serial number. You’ll note an “S” in the middle of the two number sets. That means it had smog equipment.

“1970 cj6 .v6 Buick factory .all original .very little rust .can deliver.bill of sale only .out of computer at smog ever”

1970-cj6-madera-ca1 1970-cj6-madera-ca2 1970-cj6-madera-ca3 1970-cj6-madera-ca4


4 Comments on “1970? CJ-6 Madera, CA **SOLD**

  1. 101 FOREVER

    my 67 cj-6 has a ” s ” in the middle of the serial number , the old fart I bought it from said it meant SALVAGED ? hahahaha ..

  2. 101 FOREVER

    after further research , this cj-6 has a serial number 700 units before my 1967 cj-6 , that makes this a 1966 or an early 1967 ,,,

  3. 101 FOREVER

    david , I know what my serial number is and my registration says 1967 year model . I can see his serial number plate and it says 8405 S 31806 . your serial number list shows the 1966 8405 serial numbers start at 29,279 and end at 32,474 so its a 1966 using your data . thanks again

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