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Converto Trailer Photos

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UPDATE II: Below are some new photos showing his restored Converto HA hydraulic trailer bed after it’s been sand blasted and re-assembled. 


Converto-dump-restored1-lores Converto-dump-restored2-lores Converto-dump-restored4-lores



UPDATE I Published 04/22/2019: Joe has shared some pics of his Converto Trailer with a Hydraulic dump setup.

He wrote, “I have a converto HA hydraulic dumper ser# 30283 it didn’t have the factory running gear under it but the complete dump set up is intact the hydraulic cylinder and pump are black hawk company the dump bed and it’s frame have not one rust hole and just a couple very tiny dents anyone know the value of one like it ?”


coverto-hydraulics6 coverto-hydraulics2 coverto-hydraulics3

coverto-hydraulics4 coverto-hydraulics5


ORIGINAL POST From April 2015: Dan forwarded these useful photos of a rare Converto Trailer. He writes, Here are some pictures of my converto trailer.  I will send them a few at a time so I am sure you get them.  Feel free to post them and share them. I purchased this in the Tampa Florida area.  It took me a week to figure out what it was.  Notice that there are some brackets where the body meets the a frame in one of the pictures.  It looks like a set up for a dump trailer.  However I’m convinced that this one was never set up to dump.  Also I have the original landing gear that the previous owner removed.  Notice where on the wheel it is stamped patent pending.

civilian-converto-trailer1 civilian-converto-trailer5 civilian-converto-trailer6 civilian-converto-trailer7
civilian-converto-trailer8 civilian-converto-trailer9 civilian-converto-trailer10 civilian-converto-trailer11 civilian-converto-trailer12


civilian-converto-trailer-underside1 civilian-converto-trailer-underside2 civilian-converto-trailer-underside3

civilian-converto-trailer2 civilian-converto-trailer3 civilian-converto-trailer4


13 Comments on “Converto Trailer Photos

  1. Idaho Todd

    Nice trailer. Looks to be in good shape. Interesting brackets on each side of tongue. I like that it has a tailgate. 6 lug axle is great, 5k gvw I suppose. I think it would look great with a vintage , round tailight.

  2. Dan

    I plan on restoring this trailer. If anyone has any information on how the tail lights were attached please let me know. Also if anyone knows how the spare tire gets mounted I would like to be able to see some pictures. I don’t know if this is true but I read somewhere that the reason why there are few records available for Converto is there was a fire that destroyed all their records. Does anyone know if this is true.

  3. mmdeilers Post author


    Thanks again for sharing the trailer. There was a fire at the Converto plant in 1972. Here’s a news article about it (though it is a little jumbled) from this source:

    August 9,1972 DOWN BUT NOT OUT–Stubborn pockets of smouldering debris kept Cambridge City firemen busy much of Friday and Saturday as they made numerous runs back to the fire scene at Converto Manufacturing. TWISTED MESS-The machine shop section of Converto resembles a bomb strike more than a manufacturing plant following Friday”s costly fire. The truck bed in the foreground is one of many damaged or lost during the blaze.

    REDUCED TO RUBBLE-The portion of Converto Manufacturing front on Fourth street was a rubble of twisted steel and fallen blocks following the worst fire in Cambridge City in a decade last Friday morning. Raging Fire Continued from page 1 plant occurred just as the power company employee readied to cut the power and the blast obvfaoly frightened him away. As a result, firemen were still forced to fight the fire from a considerable distance. Departments assisting local firemen fight the fire included Milton. Dublin, Hagerstown and Centerville firemen already were on their way and they were Joined by Richmond, Greens Fork, Benlonville, Boston, Webster and Williamsburg with Fountain City and Economy on standby. Late Tuesday origin of the fire still remained unknown and according to Robert Held, General MangerGolay Co., it will be several days before an accurate estimate of damages will be known. Heid spiked rumors that the plant would shut down following the second disasterous fire at the same location in less than 20 years. Heid emphatically stated, “We have no plans to shut the plant down and do plan to continue production as soon as possible. Just how we do it and at which of the two remainig Golay plants is still being discussed”. The main building destroyed was steel truss with a block wall and built-up roof. It housed a T LON E LYTR Al LE R – Using the sky as the only remaining roof, this truck ‘ bed Was badly burned in Friday’s fire at Converto Manafacturlrig. Local machine shop, metal fabricating shop and welding equipment and manufactured hydraulic hoists, steel and aluminum dump truck bodies, dump trailers, specialized heavy materials handling systems, transport equipment, military radar vans and iteel forms for presumed concrete. Converto Manufacturing is one of four divisions of Golay Co., Inc. and was originally founded in 1S39 by C. R. Golay.

  4. ericbkauffman

    Dan, mine is titled as a ’48 , TC-30296, how does your year/vin compare? Pics of mine are on the 2A site.

  5. Dan

    I am not sure of the serial number as it is not clear. It is definitely a model TC according to the tag. I will try again to read the serial number. I couldn’t tell how many digits the serial number iwas but now knowing yours is five digits this might help me to decipher it.

  6. Steve

    I also have an old Converto hydraulic dump trailer that it seems is unusual? It is a model HA and I plan to restore it but have not found much information about it yet. The serial number is 50610. Any help appreciated.

  7. Allen Corbin

    I just found one like this. I have not found a Model or Serial number anywhere. It is definitely a Converto TC trailer. There is very little info out there on these trailers. Seems to be alot of info on the Converto Dump trailers! I wish I could find out how to post some pics of mine?

  8. bill

    I responded to a ad for jeep trailer for sale [no pics ] and ended up buying a converto tc in great shape, I will send some pics. [ still has the ser # tag intact]

  9. Tim

    Just sold my Converto trailer! The body was the same as this blue one, however, it had the landing leg like on an M100. My M38A1 is still for sale here in Little Rhody.

  10. Joe ludwig

    Hello I have a converto HA hydraulic dumper ser# 30283 it didn’t have the factory running gear under it but the complete dump set up is intact the hydraulic cylinder and pump are black hawk company the dump bed and it’s frame have not one rust hole and just a couple very tiny dents anyone know the value of one like it ?

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