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Year? FC-170 Dually Bradford, PA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

Seems worth a look. Has some rust.

“Rare Jeep FC170
-Has sat for the past 4 years since last running
-Have Title
-Includes additional cab and chassis”



9 Comments on “Year? FC-170 Dually Bradford, PA **SOLD**

  1. Mark C

    Why do people list things for $3,500 and only post 1 poor quality picture? Do you really want to sell it?

  2. Chuck

    Mark C

    Your frustration stems from an error common to intelligent people; ‘underestimating the stupidity of others’.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    To be fair, a surprising number of folks still struggle with pictures/phones/cameras/computers and other tech (Example: After 15 years of trying to teach my mother how to copy and paste, she still cannot do it) and don’t have family members that can help them. So, one pic is the best they can do.

    Still, others are nervous about sharing info or pics on the internet, so they provide just a taste.

    And, others feel they are too busy to take more than one pic, especially those times when you are trying to downsize or liquidate an estate.

    Certainly, though, some are just lazy.

    So, you just never know . . .

  4. Chuck

    David you make some great points and we shouldn’t complain.
    Because this kind of thing is actually sometimes beneficial for serious buyers who are willing take a chance and risk some time and effort. I once bought a $12,000 one owner 1995 2500 4×4 Dodge Cummins in perfect shape advertised on craigslist. I only paid $7500 for it because the owner said in two months no one came to look at it. He had it listed just as a 1995 Dodge truck – nothing about it being a 4×4, Cummins Diesel pristine one owner truck. I wasn’t really even looking to buy, but couldn’t turn it down! Still own it; it’s been a fantastic truck – especially for towing craigslist Willys Jeeps home, lol – that’s another story of poor advertising…

    ….I bought that white 53 sloped hood CJ3B. Didn’t need it, could take it or leave it, barely wanted it, but before I could leave the owner lowered the price 5 times and included a trailer to haul it. He was a heck of a nice guy. I think he was just tired of it being for sale and it needed to go. If he would of advertised the Currie 9″ axles, detroit lockers, disc brakes, swinging pedals, power steering, t18 4sp, Dana 300, 225 V6, full cage, swing tire carrier and dual gas tanks he would of had a lot more lookers!

  5. David Eilers Post author

    My parents have the same truck. It’s a work horse.

    In 2008 there was a seller of a 3A who listed it for sale in the Boise area, but he didn’t chose his keywords in his description very well. Moreover, he grew frustrated after some folks said they’d come look at the jeep, but didn’t. He just wanted the jeep to go and was mad at the world. The last time I saw the jeep listed on Craigslist, he’d given it away to the Idaho Youth Ranch, a local “Goodwill” type of store. Here’s the post:

  6. Chuck

    Wow! That’s amazing that went down like that. Even had a bobcat hood! The youth ranch got a great little Jeep. First thing that comes to mind is; “God works in mysterious ways”.

  7. Chuck

    I forgot about the recession. And come to think of it; I wouldn’t/couldn’t of bought that Jeep back then. I wasn’t spending an extra dime on anything. I was busy just keeping the bills paid. I sold a horse a year before the recession for $5000. The new owner called me up saying they couldn’t afford to feed her and were wanting to give her to me. I’d love to have her back, but couldn’t afford to feed her either. I sometimes forget how bad it really got back then.

  8. David Eilers Post author

    Yep, bad for me as well. Doing eWillys kept me at least half-sane during that period. I talk about some of that period in my Finding Virginia book.

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