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1946 VEC? CJ-2A Minnetonka, MN $2000


Runs and drives.

“1946 Willys Jeep, exact to Army issue, runs & drives, fair condition.”

1946-cj2a-vec-minnetonka-mn2 1946-cj2a-vec-minnetonka-mn3 1946-cj2a-vec-minnetonka-mn4


5 Comments on “1946 VEC? CJ-2A Minnetonka, MN $2000

  1. Blaine

    There is no contact info in the ad. I clicked the “No contact info?” “send note” (to poster’s email) button. I know of an ad that has been running for two months for a free pair of 8 inch boat trailer wheels without contact info that I’ve “sent note” to without success. Someone even posted an ad saying he wants the wheels but can’t contact the seller. The guy/gal with the wheels is probably wondering “Why can’t I even give these away?”

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Good catch Blaine. I’m not sure how a person can make an ad on Craigslist without contact info, but I’ve seen that, too.

  3. Chuck

    Go clear to the bottom of the ad. There is a window to click if the seller did not include contact information. Craigslist will contact the seller informing them they neglected to include their contact information asking them to remedy the situation.

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