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CJ-3A & 2 CJ-2As Krugerville, TX


The CJ-3A is $1200 though it will need work. I don’t have a price nor pics of the 2As.

year-cj3a-krugerville-tx1 year-cj3a-krugerville-tx2 year-cj3a-krugerville-tx3 year-cj3a-krugerville-tx4

“Rusty. Engine out and is missing the transmission. Has a pretty cool Koenig hard top, and hard doors. Steering feels good, drive shafts and axles are present. Floor pans are completed rusted through. Actual year unknown. No title. Bill of sale only.

I also have 2 46’s CJ2a’s for sale. Neither have original engines so I would consider selling my motor with those as well. Additional info on request. Absolutely only Jeep related trades. I sell new parts as well, so when you buy a Willy’s from us, you’ll get parts at near cost.”


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