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Circa 1950 Wagon Foldout Ad

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I spotted this circa-1950 foldout-wagon ad for a good price on eBay. The wagon folds out horizontally to reveal the interior of a wagon.

It starts like this:


The wagon then flips horizontally to reveal the wagon interior and more text.


The backside of the image shows the exterior of the wagon:



5 Comments on “Circa 1950 Wagon Foldout Ad

  1. CraigInPA

    Dad in a suit, smoking a pipe, and wearing a fedora taking his family on a Sunday drive. Only thing missing is the theme song to “Leave it to Beaver” to make this a real 1950’s tableau.

  2. Mike

    Yes, I do believe that was the marketing strategy, make the Willys 2 wheel drive wagon the FAMILY CAR. I know my dad looked at a couple of used ones back in the 50’s, and finally bought one in the 60’s, (4 wheel drive) There was something special about those 2 wheel drive wagons, quieter running, more comfortable ride, all around handy to have. I remember a family in Clifton had a wagon, grey & maroon, every Sunday evening, would make the rounds collecting old newspapers at the curb. Mom & dad in the front seat, two brothers with red hair crew cuts sitting on that huge tailgate collecting the newspaper bundles. Some extra money earned with the Willys wagon, 35 cents a hundred weight back then. Fond memories of a time gone by.

  3. Bob in nc

    I can remember the newspaper drives. Our church had a container brought in and everyone brought their old newspapers and hand loaded the best we could the papers. I am guessing that was 64-65.

  4. Mike

    Bob, yes, this was a way of life in NJ 50’s 60’s. The local Sunoco station had 2 1962 Willys pick ups and would use them once a month to collect newspapers for the Boy Scout troop.


    I have the same 1950 673 wagon , bought it from a radical Stanford professor , still has a ban the bomb bumper sticker on the back , that’s still relevant so i’m gonna leave it

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