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Jamie Farr & Jeeps

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I didn’t know much about Jamie Farr (Klinger on the show M*A*S*H) and his connection with jeeps. Here’s an interesting story about him in Motor Authority.



3 Comments on “Jamie Farr & Jeeps

  1. Si Roscoe

    This is a great story being from Toledo and been here all my life it is so true. Jamie Farr is very popular any time he comes back to Toledo. Jamie Farr , Jeep ,and Tony Packos are Toledo and he Represents them with Pride

  2. Mike W

    Great Story and Great Read. Thanks for sharing. As a kid in the 70’s Mash was a family favorite, and i still watch re-runs every week. My love of the Jeep started with that show, and i find myself now critiquing the jeeps used in the production.

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