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1942 GPW Upper Saddle River, NJ $15,000


TJ shared this one. Needs a little more work to be finished.

“Date of Delivery 1/19/43.
1942 Ford GPW, I worked at Sarafan Auto Parts (Spring Valley NY) in the 80s and 80% restored the GPW with many NOS parts, new tires and an engine rebuild but never finished it. It needs some love (work) to put it over the line

Most everything is there, including canvas top. Gas tank is the only major missing part. Hood and left fender have surface rust. Seat cushions are reproductions, but I have the original spring and straw cushions (covers are unusable.)

Unique parts include tow bar and maintenance chart holder (under hood), lots of “F” parts, extra split wheels, $4000 of extra T-84 parts (see list — NOS and used) and more.”

1942-gpw-nj0 1942-gpw-nj1 1942-gpw-nj2 1942-gpw-nj3 1942-gpw-nj4


5 Comments on “1942 GPW Upper Saddle River, NJ $15,000

  1. Mike4

    Upper Saddle River NJ is a very wealthy town in Bergen County just over the state line from Spring Valley NY where Sarafan was located. Made many trips there to buy Jeep parts from the huge inventory they had. I got directions over the phone on my first trip there many years ago, was told to look for the big tank, thinking water tank. Upon arrival, no water tank in sight, in frustration, I turn around to walk back when I see a huge army tank. Laughed to myself, I should have known.

  2. Mike

    Race, The old man Sarafan was a veteran and got his start buying up a lot of parts from Europe. I myself can’t distinguish as to the body tub being French, but very possible. Lots of Army surplus back in the day, “crates piled as high as a elephant’s eye, reaching clear up to touch the sky.” (I was thinking of turning this into a Broadway musical, Oklahoma style) What do you think? Looking for backers, AKA/ PRODUCERS, Maybe re-title it, SPRING TIME FOR SARAFAN IN SPRING VALLEY.

    This was an amazing place, in later years a lot of community pressure to close Sarafan down because of property values. I have one of their catalogs, pictured here on EWillys some 4 to 5 years ago with posts from other readers including those who knew the Sarafans personally.

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