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Vintage Jeeping on the Barrett Lake Trail

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This video circa 1969 shows a Contra Costa Jeepers trip on the Barrett Lake Trail in California.


8 Comments on “Vintage Jeeping on the Barrett Lake Trail

  1. Steve in SF

    I love 7:00. Walking the Jeep cuz his butt’s too sore to ride anymore. Then there’s 8:22, “hold my beer, it’s looking rough ahead!”

  2. Chuck

    Thanks for posting this Dave.
    It’s kinda a big deal – there weren’t smart phones in 1969 and some one had film this and then digitize it today.
    The cars and trucks have changed but the Willys’s and the mountains look the same.
    And as Steve pointed out: some things don’t change; walking the Jeep, I do that, lol. And ‘I can make it, hold my beer’, I…plead the fifth.

    The license plates are clearly visible on these Jeeps. It would be fun to track them down and see what happened to them in the last fifty years.

  3. mbullism

    Adding credence to the notion that the ability of any trail rig is inversely proportional to the square of the coolness of the drivers hat, lol


    in the olde days we didn’t join jeeping clubs , we just jeeped , and sure , beer was a mainstay for off-road jeeping , matter of fact on-road also , I gauged how far I drove by how many emptys were on the floor , road signs were targets for glass beer bottles , easy targets from a speeding open jeep , yes sir , beer and jeep are synonymous , beer-jeep , beer-jeep , I used to sit in the bed of my 48 willys jeep truck and drink beer as it slowly crawled in low range down the beach , every once in awhile reach in and turn the steering wheel or adjust the throttle / choke — beer-jeep , once put out an engine fire on a fc-170 with beer , beer-jeep , spilled beer ran through holes in the floors of my 48 jeep truck , very handy , starr x bottle opener mounted to the inside drivers door , beer-jeep , that’s all you need for inebriated off-road travel .. and on-road

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