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Ramsey Company & Brochures

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Claude Ramsey and his brother, Rayburn, originally founded Ramsey Winch Company as Ramsey Brothers Tool and Die in July 1944 to manufacture aircraft parts, tools and dies for Douglas Aircraft Company. Claude, realizing the need for a front-mounted winch for passenger cars and pickups, designed a crankshaft-operated winch (Model 101) to pull vehicles out of mud and snow. Demand for the Ramsey Winch increased to the point that the name of the company was changed to Ramsey Brothers Winch Manufacturing Company in 1947. In 1950, the company changed its name to Ramsey Winch Company when Claude bought out his brother’s share of the company.

Here’s a two-page brochure for the dual PTO units: DP-1 (for the Jeep Universal), DP-2 (for 4WD trucks and wagons), DP1-150 (for FC-150s), DP2-FY (for FC-170s).

ramsey-pto-dual-lever-brochure1 ramsey-pto-dual-lever-brochure2

This twelve-page Ramsey winch brochure from 1959 covers a variety of products. I have three of these brochures, so if you’d like to purchase one for $10, let me know.

1959-ramsey-winch-pto-brochure05 1959-ramsey-winch-pto-brochure06 1959-ramsey-winch-pto-brochure07

1959-ramsey-winch-pto-brochure08 1959-ramsey-winch-pto-brochure09 1959-ramsey-winch-pto-brochure10 1959-ramsey-winch-pto-brochure11 1959-ramsey-winch-pto-brochure12 1959-ramsey-winch-pto-brochure13 1959-ramsey-winch-pto-brochure14 1959-ramsey-winch-pto-brochure15

If you own an early Ramsey 200, here is Howard’s write-up on the winch.

Here’s a product overview brochure from the 1960s:



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  1. kampwerwagen

    that ramsey front winch and bumper is the best option you could have a fc-170 or 150 — it might save your life in a front end crash , wish they made one for my 77 vw westfalia ..

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