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2019 Fort Miles 4th of July Parade

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Joe shared these pics from the Fort Miles Living-History Group (261st Coast Artillery/1252d Service Command) participation in Bethany Beach, Delaware’s, Independence Day parade.  The pics were taken in the parade form-up area.  The group included both WWII & Post-War military vehicles.

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5 Comments on “2019 Fort Miles 4th of July Parade

  1. clem

    Great photos !! But nowI have a question, rear bumpers. Which way is correct? flange up or flange down?

  2. Ranger BOB of Colorado

    The WWII Jeeps had the flange up as noted in many WWII pictures and in Volume One of ALL-AMERICAN WONDER. The bumpers in the illustration of the MC-38 Willys (Korean War Jeep) in ORD 9 SNL G-740 ARMY SUPPLY MANUAL show the flange down. This is the way the bumpers are installed on my MC-38.

  3. clem

    I notice the M151 is down also. I thought up was correct, so it wouldn’t grab the dirt so much.

    Thank you 🙂

  4. Bob in nc

    Must have been pretty cool seeing these guys all drive by. And it must have been cool to all drive together. Nice 4th of July for sure.

  5. Joe

    The weather was hot and sunny for the parade. Having to travel several miles both to and then from the parade is always problematic given the high volume of visitors vacationing at the beach were we have to “sit in traffic” like everybody else, which is fine. Just to make things easier this year, we decided to travel in a convoy which “apparently commanded respect” all along the route where we were given priority passage at traffic lights no matter the color of the light and not one car even dared cutting into our ranks. We found this to be both heart-warming and highly unusual and had an excellent time at the parade. And it certainly was an honor for us to form-up directly behind the DE Army National Guard vehicles and band at the front of the parade. Now we’re looking forward to our next event together.

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