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Fergus Falls, MN, to Minot, ND

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Not much to report from Wednesday’s drive.

Yesterday we drove from Fergus Falls, Minnesota, to Minot, North Dakota. We started the drive by briefly meeting with Minnesota Chris so we could see his unrestored 1959 CJ-3B in person. His floors are in amazing shape.

From there, we drove to Morehead, Minnesota, which is right on the border and across the Red River from Fargo, North Dakota. The Dairy Queen in Morehead invented the Dilly Bar (which I’d never had … I can now cross that off my list) and also has the world’s largest Dilly Bar, proudly displayed outside DQ.


World’s largest dilly bar is over my shoulder. I’m enjoying my first-ever Dilly bar.

After a little ice cream, we went to go see a 76-foot Viking dragon ship, which is housed in the Hjemkomst Interpretive Center in Moorhead. When we arrived at the Center, we learned it would cots $10/each to see the ship (and the museum, but we had no time for the museum). While we debated whether to see the ship, we went into the gift shop and quickly found a couple items to purchase.

As we were checking out (and still deciding about whether to enter the Center), a Center worker (a woman probably in her 60s) announced to a Center manager (a woman in her late 40s?) that she was quitting that day with no notice. Instead of the manager taking the employee aside, the manager began chewing out the now-former employee right there (I can see why the woman might have wanted to quit).

As you can imagine, things got a little awkward, so we high-tailed it out of there. Here’s a pic from the web of the boat we didn’t get a chance to see.

We left Morehead, crossed over the Red River, and drove to Fargo’s visitor center, where we donned some hats and re-enacted a scene from the movie Fargo.


To get you photo taken by the Visitor Center staff, just ask them. They’ll had you the hats and take the photo.

After Fargo, we drove north to Grand Forks, then headed west to Minot (pronounced ‘My Not’ … thanks Chris!). The drive was long and quite flat to Minot, but the road (highway 2) was in great shape. It was also a pretty drive, with plenty of small ponds and lakes along the way. There was also almost no traffic; that was great!

The biggest surprise of the day happened in Minot. There, I discovered that Minot’s Marketplace grocery store has the largest gluten-free section, by far, I’ve ever seen; how is this in Minot … it’s crazy! That’s a pretty big deal to me, as feeding Ann can be a challenge on the road.


8 Comments on “Fergus Falls, MN, to Minot, ND

  1. Larry Stokes

    Glad you enjoyed Minnesota! Im a huge fan of you guys. I start my morning everyday by looking at

  2. bob in NC


    you guys get around.

    i thought you were going to tell us they started arguing and you guys walked in and saw the boat for free. i can’t imagine she was overworked, probably just underpaid.


    that’s a nice cj-3b — the classic color , spruce green , still has the steps , no v-8 , nice , real nice — heres a urban jeep legend , a mid 60’s cj-3b with a stock 225 v-6 — ever seen one ? — its like bigfoot , most people have heard of it , never seen it — well I have seen bigfoot , 1985 , dyerville bar on the eel river , northern calif , big as hell and on 2 feet — walking south down the river bank at night , in the moonlight — looking in the water for fish ? — cryptozoological legends have to eat too ? ?

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Larry: Glad you enjoy eWillys!

    Bob: or she was a volunteer. Actually, Ann did a run to the bathroom and, I found out on our way out the door, she got to see the boat.

    Gayland: No, she was not. Her Uncle was stationed there and says he enjoyed Minot.

  5. Morgan

    I couldn’t help but notice the tires on MC’s 3B. I picked up a set of those. I didn’t notice at first, until I leaned them up against my ‘56 cj5, there’s a definite directional pattern to them. I’ve seen them on a bunch of Jeeps (usually done wrong, here and on other sites), as either side can look directional opposite if one doesn’t pay attention. Chris got it right. They have to be seen kind of like tractor tires, if you mount them without thinking, (as I almost did), the starboard side will look like it’s going a different direction than the port side. It’s subtle, but once you see it, you can’t miss it. Notice his spare will only look correct on the starboard side, if he puts it on the port side, it’ll look like it’s on backwards.
    Thanks David, I visit ewillys just about every day!

  6. Minnesota Chris

    Morgan, you are correct on the tires being directional. There is a small tire shop where I left the jeep for a day to have the tires mounted. When I went to pick it up I noticed right away that three tires were the wrong direction. And eventhough the spare can end up on the other side I still wanted the tread to look right while mounted on passenger side. The tech didn’t even notice and took care of it. They have been a great tire

  7. Morgan

    Ah Ha !! …. I knew you must have thought about it. My Jeep came without the spare carrier, so being frugal, and hearing how tough those Power Kings are, I only bought 4 (figuring my baby won’t be doing extreme four-wheeling, just old logging roads and ‘odd jobs’ here on the farm). Seeing your set-up, I realize your decision on the spare is the best thing to do. And, when I think about it, yours might be the FIRST one I’ve seen with the Power Kings, where the the direction matched all around. I’m also reinforced having seen your directional decision is what I also figured was the forward orientation. My Jeep is mostly rust-free like yours, from the high desert of N. Calif. with nice original patina and great floors too! Here in Pa. I’m fearful of it even getting rained on. Love my CJ5 and always looking forward to a dry sunny day for a cruise. Thanks for your response. …. Um, those are Power Kings aren’t they?

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