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2 CJ-2A Projects and Parts Burrillville, RI $2750


UPDATE: Price dropped to $2750.

(05/23/2019) Has a rear PTO box.

1946-cj2a-burrville-ri01 1946-cj2a-burrville-ri0 1946-cj2a-burrville-ri1 1946-cj2a-burrville-ri2

“Update with info on chassis with vin tags
Update some new pics sorry of quality of them Im partially disabled hard to move around

I have a collection belongs to my father and helping him sell I have one complete 2a chassis one owner the other chassis is a 3a both are tagged 46 from id plates they have been both in family comes with 2 tub’s one is original and the other is a repop from 80’s has 3 windshields 3a i have 4 sets of fenders i have 3-4 grills i have brake parts axles driveshafts all little parts in boxes and buckets i also have a original hydraulic pump everything in barn jeep related
looking for $3500 or best offer will get more pics but here are a few pics of some stuff only one chassis is pictured at moment the other is under carport since 1996

2 complete chassis with drive train with tubs and vin tags both tagged 46 i have reg for one and the other the name of last reg owner my cousin.. both jeeps have been in family for over 45 years 1 is a one owner”


2 Comments on “2 CJ-2A Projects and Parts Burrillville, RI $2750

  1. Teach

    Looked at this one. The price was actually dropped a few times, down to $2600, then it just went back up to $2750. Nice guy to deal with, but not too flexible on price, and he wouldn’t sell parts, it’s all or nothing. Told me he already turned down $2K. Be prepared to do some serious work to get all these parts, many of which are in the second story of an old barn/garage. The two tubs are pretty much shot, the chassis…frames look good, engines…not sure (one has been left outside, the other chassis will not roll). Nice lot of hoods, fenders, windshields, a pair of seats, 15″ rims (no 16″ rims, not even on the two chassis), etc..

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